Lisa McCormick

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Lisa McCormick as Stevie Nicks, delivers a pitch perfect, high energy performance with beautiful Victorian costumes and storytelling that is undeniably Stevie.

Stevie Nicks had a large catalog of songs that would never make their way into Fleetwood Mac albums because there were three song writers in the group. When Stevie visited Atlantic Records and made her pitch for a record to then-president Doug Morris, she said “So listen, what I’d really like to do is be in the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ band. He says ‘No. That’s not going to happen. You obviously haven’t heard Tom Petty’s mantra: ‘No girls allowed.”

Stevie instead met with Tom’s producer, Jimmy Iovine. The two began dating and moved in with each other while working on the Bella Donna album. Iovine needed a hit single for the album and went to Tom and asked for Stop Dragging My Heart Around. The song peaked at number 3 on the Billboard singles charts and kick started Stevie’s solo career. Stevie sang on “The Insider” earlier that year, but that song went on the Heartbreakers’ Hard Promises album. There are many other songs the two collaborated on.

Their friendship also extended to the stage where Stevie made guest appearances throughout the years with the Heartbreakers. Petty finally named her an honorary Heartbreaker in 2006. Their last time performing together was July 9, 2017 at London’s Hyde Park.

Stevie and Tom shared a mutual admiration for each other. The Toronto Sun once asked Tom about his friendship with Stevie. “Have you got a couple of hours?” he responded. “She’s a good friend. I’ve known her since 1978 and she’s insisted on being in my life. Some of my best musical memories of her are sitting on the couch and just playing the guitar while she sings.” To learn more click on Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks: A History of Their Friendship and Musical Collaborations

Lisa McCormick is a professional singer/ songwriter based in Los Angeles. She has worked and performed with Jay Davis of Rod Stewart’s Band, Mr. Mister and also did a 25 city tour of Japan as a backup vocalist with artist Eikichi Yazawa who has released 19 albums. The tour included an HBO live concert at Budokan and a television special.

A BMI songwriter, she has also had songs placed in various feature films and television pilots and worked as a staff vocalist at Chick Corea’s studio.

Lisa McCormick as Stevie Nicks is a high energy, passionate performer that engages and entertains her audience and is honored to be representing Stevie.